Private shareholding: keeping your shareholding confidential

private shareholding

Private shareholding: how can I keep my shareholding in a Dutch BV private?

In order to set up a Dutch Limited Liability Company, you will need to fulfil “know your client procedures”, so that the Dutch notary will know who the shareholder is. However, sometimes you may want to keep your shareholding confidential. If the “know your client procedures” has been  fulfilled, you can make your shareholding in a Dutch BV as private as you deem appropriate.  There are various degrees of doing so:

  1. Set up a Dutch BV with 2 shareholders to prevent being listed in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce; and/or,
  2. Have somebody else incorporate the BV on your behalf to prevent the inclusion in the deed of incorporation; and/or,
  3. Have somebody else manage the BV on your behalf to prevent inclusion in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as Director; and/or,
  4. Have somebody transfer the shares at a later date (option agreement) in order to not be a shareholder initially;
  5. Provide an abstract name for your BV and change it later on (not your own name, etc);
  6. Set up the BV via a third party provider so that its addresses do not have a connection to you;
  7. Use a STAK (foundation) to certify the shares;
  8. There is a UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) registry being set up throughout Europe. If you set up a trust which incorporates a BV, you probably avoid the inclusion in the UBO register;

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