Setting up a BV in hightech Eindhoven

Eindhoven: ‘the smartest city of Europe’. This modern city in the south of the Netherlands is the home of  the latest high-tech inventions and breakthrough technologies. Do you want to start a company in Eindhoven?

BV company in Eindhoven

Renowned companies like ASML, ASMI and Philips have their operatons in Eindhoven. Other companies in the tech and medical sector are present as well. These companies attract highly-skilled expats from all over the world. In the tech and meditech industries, Eindhoven is the place to find talent.

In this blog, we will look at how to set up a Dutch private limited liability company (subsequently: BV) in this innovative region. It is this easy to open your company in Eindhoven. We have our local specialists to guide to.

The BV and possible benefits

A BV is a Dutch legal form of private character. The BV is private because its shares cannot be freely traded and are registered. The bv has legal personality. The consequence of this is that the legal person itself, and not the shareholders, is in principle responsible for the obligations that it enters into.

If you intend to start up an innovative company in the Netherlands and hire foreign high-tech masterminds, you and your employees could possibly benefit from certain benefits. For example, you may be able to make use of the innovation box or the 30% ruling.

If your company achieves profit through innovative activities, a tax discount can be applied. As a result, a lot less corporation tax has to be paid on these profits.

When hiring foreign employees, these may incur additional costs (extraterritorial costs). As an employer, you may in some cases grant these employees a tax-free allowance for these extra costs. It is also possible to compensate for the additional costs. Therefore, we can help request or transfer the 30% ruling. This means you pay up to 30% of a salary tax free. You can read more about this scheme in this blog.

Requirements for setting up a BV

  • Notarial deed of incorporation

A BV must be set up at the office of a notary, who will draw up a deed of incorporation. The articles of association of the BV are laid down in this notarial deed, which is required by law. Among other things, it is mandatory to include the name, location and purpose of the BV in the articles of association.

  • Starting and share capital

The mandatory minimum starting capital when setting up a BV is € 0.01, which means that setting up a BV is easily accessible. The starting capital is not required to consist of money; it may also consist of assets. The capital of the BV must be divided into shares. It is possible for all shares to be held by a (legal) person.

  • Registering with the Chamber of Commerce

Another requirement when setting up a BV is registering the BV in the Dutch trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. CompanyNL will take care of registration with the Chamber of Commerce when setting up your Dutch BV.

If you have any questions about doing business Eindhoven, or about the innovation box, the 30% ruling or setting up a private limited company, do not hesitate to contact us.