Best location for a holding company in Europe

What is the best location for a holding company in Europe? Typically, three EU countries are used a hub for Europe: Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. A Netherlands company has some significant benefits:

  • Remote incorporation possible
  • English speaking professionals widely available
  • Best logistical hub in Europe (air, sea, rails, roads)
  • Low standard tax rates
  • Extra tax discount for innovative companies

Starting a company in the Netherlands (Holland), takes about two weeks. In this time, we collect the information we need and incorporate your company and register it with the Chamber of Commerce. With this Dutch company, you can do business in all countries of Europe and around the world.

Netherlands is part of the Schengen treaty and the European VAT network, which means there is free transport of goods between the countries. The Netherlands is the perfect hub because its ease of doing business, low tax rates and great logistical position. The Amsterdam airport is the second largest in Europe, and the Rotterdam port is the second largest seaport in Europe. Our freight train connections serve all Europe, including Russia.

The Netherlands has little bureaucracy and paperwork compared to other European countries. There is also a lot of government support for new businesses. Incorporation is straight-forward and affordable. Get in touch with one of our experienced advisors to get more information and a fee quote.