Diego Reppas

Incorporation specialist
Languages: Dutch/ English/ German

Get in contact with Diego Reppas reppas@duijntax.com
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Jülide Tuncer

Legal Consultant
Languages: Dutch/ English/ Turkish

Get in contact with Jülide Tuncer tuncer@duijntax.com
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Joost de Leeuw

Tax advice
Languages: Dutch/ English/ German

Education In 2007, Joost began studying Law at the University of Amsterdam, having previously studied for his Bachelor’s Degree in Russian Language and Culture. Due to his wide variety of interests, Joost has successfully completed Master’s Degrees in both Criminal and Tax Law. In 2015, he completed his studies with a thesis on participation exemption. Joost is an aspiring member…
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Jimmy Cox

Investment Structure Specialist
Languages: Dutch/ English

Jimmy Cox is working at CompanyNL’s business partner DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. He is specialized in setting up tailor-made investment structures and optimizing these for tax purposes. He is always ready to assist you with his knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Don’t hesitate to contact Jimmy to set up your investment structure. Get in contact with Jimmy Cox cox@duijntax.com
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conseille fiscal

Hendrik-Jan van Duijn

Tax advice
Languages: Dutch/ English/ German

Working as a tax adviser, Hendrik set up DTS in Amsterdam, in 2012. DTS specialises in Dutch tax advice and provides compliance to Dutch companies. With over 10 years of experience, Hendrik has a proven track record of delivering results when it comes to Dutch corporate income tax and Dutch dividend withholding tax advice. In 1998, at the tender age…
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Diederick Cardon

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Education After a brief stint as a computer science student, Diederick went to study law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. He obtained master’s degrees in Financial Law and in Corporate Law. Subsequent to his studies he was an attorney-at-law during which period he obtained his bar exam (“Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur”). Career Diederick’s career started out litigating court cases for mostly…
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Lydia Gitsels

Subsidy specialist
Languages: Dutch/ English/ Turkish

Lydia has over 9 years of experience in enabling SME’s to develop and invest in sustainable, innovative and international projects through the use of government grants and funding schemes. New technologies that make a difference in our world, on a small or on a large scale, that is what we’re enthusiastic about. We are the strategic partner of Europe’s ambitious…
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Madelon van Breemen

Commercial Lawyer
Languages: Dutch/ English

Madelon is a practical, efficient, and commercial lawyer who can draft a good solid contract in plain English. Madelon is clear in her pricing structure and this is discussed and agreed upfront, so no surprises.  Madelon has extensive experience in drafting or negotiating any type of contract whether this is with a customer or supplier, or another third party with…
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