Igmar den Heijer


Brekka B.V. was founded by Igmar den Heijer. Brekka B.V. is an independent boutique firm offering a full range of corporate services to international corporate clients. We specialize in providing local management and local knowledge.

Due to our long experience in the field of corporate services in an international environment (combined, more than 20 years), we are able to offer a tailored approach to our international clients in line with both Dutch and international cultural and good business practices;

By confiding in Brekka to take all local corporate elements out of the hands, you can remain focused on you core business. We act as your Dutch management, your trusted ‘external’ in-house professional, forming an integrated part of your business (corporate legal & finance department):

  • We provide local management and local knowledge w/o overhead.
  • Our specialization is bookkeeping for sizable companies, to ensure the company remains in control, while being abroad;
  • In addition, we take over routine/recurring matters and where possible customizing documents and procedures.
  • Furthermore, we improve internal governance by keeping track of timely filing requirements / regulatory obligations.
  • We ensure the quality of corporate record keeping by arranging the data coordination and input for your international operations.
  • Last but not least, we reduce risks (e.g. compliance threats from law, regulations and governance).

For your compliance reporting and to ensure that our bookkeeping balances out, we use Twinfield. This is the largest European online bookkeeping software. In particular, it enables, amongst others, upload of bank movements, importing and exporting invoices, generating reports and compatibility with several (tax) reports and other regulatory filings.