Dutch company advice

Are you not sure which kind of company is best for your Dutch business? Our corporate and tax law specialists can analyse your situation and goals. They will advise you on what set-up would suit your needs best. All our advisers have law degrees and years of practical experience. They help investors and entrepreneurs setting up their business in the Netherlands. Fill out this form to make an appointment.

Dutch private limited liability company (BV)

This is the most common set-up. The BV is the Dutch equivalent of a limited liability company. This entity has no minimum starting capital. A BV has at least one shareholder and one director,  and protects the shareholder from personal liability. Therefore, most start-ups choose this option.

Dutch public limited liability company (NV)

This format is typically chosen by companies with the ambition to go public. Minimum starting capital is EUR 45.000. Just like the BV, the NV has at least one shareholder and one director. Also, this protects shareholders from personal liability.

Dutch branch (Vaste inrichting)

In some circumstances, you may find it preferable not to open a separate Dutch legal entity. In that case you can operate in the Netherlands with your existing foreign legal entity. This always has double taxation consequences. So we recommend having these consequences analysed by our international tax and tax treaty specialists. Read more here on the pros and cons.


Dutch foundation (Stichting)

For charity, privacy and investment purposes, you may be best off with a foundation set-up. Please refer to our page about foundations for more information on this subject.

Sole trader or partnership (Eenmanszaak or VOF)

For small businesses, whose owner(s) live(s) in the Netherlands, this may be an inexpensive and tax efficient option. However, this really depends on your personal facts and circumstances though. Our advisors are happy to analyse your situation and advise. The business owner is always fully personally liable. More info on this in Dutch is also available here.