Madelon van Breemen

Madelon is a practical, efficient, and commercial lawyer who can draft a good solid contract in plain English. Madelon is clear in her pricing structure and this is discussed and agreed upfront, so no surprises.  Madelon has extensive experience in drafting or negotiating any type of contract whether this is with a customer or supplier, or another third party with whom you would like to do business. Whether you are starting up a business in the Netherlands or whether you frequently do business with a third party in the Netherlands, sound contracts are the basis of good commercial and financial risk management.

Below you will find a selection of the type of international contracts Madelon can advise you on-

  • Corporate legal agreements, such as shareholders agreementsjoint-venture agreements, sales of shares/assets agreements, letters of intent, memorandum of understanding, and other corporate agreements.
  • Commercial legal agreements – such as general terms and conditionsdirect sales agreements, big customer or supplier framework agreements, indirect sales agreements, such as distribution agreements, agency agreements, standard sales agreements, license agreementsservice level agreements, or purchase agreements.
  • Legal risk awareness audit– where legal processes of the business itself are reviewed, to assist the business to quantify the legal risks and add this as a component of your profit margin.
  • Legal dispute issues – such as settlement agreements.  If that is not an option, issuing legal proceedings such as international debt collection proceedings or other legal proceedings.

Madelon offers an intake meeting for free to localize the needs of the client and will act within the agreed time limits and works on a fixed-fee basis with clear milestones to manage expectations.

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