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How to open a BV company?

Are you looking for opportunities to set up a BV company in Netherlands? Are you interested in a new Dutch BV company? No doubt, in order to quickly set up a BV company, you will need a reliable partner, who knows all the ins and outs. CompanyNL is exactly that partner for you! We have years of experience of setting up a BV company for entrepreneurs from abroad. A Dutch BV company is the Dutch version of the limited liability company. It is the most common company model in Netherlands and it is the most suitable model for business people like you, who want to launch a new company in Netherlands. CompanyNL has specialised over the years in building bridges between Dutch business professionals and international businesses.  We can also accommodate partnerships between international companies and Dutch notaries. We know like no other that setting up a BV company can be complex for someone abroad, but our team members will show you that it can be done in an easy and comfortable way. With our assistance you could be opening up your BV company within two weeks.

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Private limited liability company of BV company

A private limited liability company is in Dutch called a BV company. This form of business model has a business structure with legal personality. This basically means that a Bv company is liable for any debts, instead of you as a person being liable. You could say you are both owner and employee, because as an owner you are an employee of the BV company, but also you operate on behalf of the company. CompanyNL will take care of all registration of your incorporated business with the Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Tax. With all the experience and also the outstanding relationships with the local authorities, it is easy to settle comfortably in Netherlands with CompanyNL.

Before you can open your BV company, a few requirements need to be met. CompanyNL has them all laid out in a plan of approach: picking out a name for you BV company, deciding on shareholders and shares capital, write down the BV company goals, set up a meeting with a notary and get an address in Netherlands. Next you would need to get a bank account, get registered with the Chamber of Commerce and then obtain Dutch tax numbers with the Dutch Tax Office. Be assured that our team members all have their speciality of setting up a BV company for foreign companies. They advise you every step of the way, are always on top of your case and will answer your questions in a quick manner. At CompanyNL we find personal contact with our clients very important during a process like launching a Dutch BV in our country. Therefore, we ensure you will always have your own permanent contact person in our office. When you are interested in setting up a Dutch BV or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call, so we can explain in detail what we can do for your company future. We warmly welcome you at CompanyNL!

Personal contact while setting up a BV company

Once you have decided on an original name for your bv company Netherlands, decide on your shareholders, write down the company goals and register an address for your company, your personal contact at CompanyNL will start up all actions for registration, legal formalities, and if necessary, the notary paperwork. At CompanyNL they make it very clear that every client has his or her own contact person, who is fully informed on your Bv company. Contact therefore is alway quick and easy. Besides helping you to start up your Bv company, we can also build a brigde between Dutch advisors and foreign companies.

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