Set up a BV in the Netherlands


Are you thinking about starting a BV in the Netherlands? CompanyNL helps you setting up and making your business blossom.


Why start a BV in the Netherlands?

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The Netherlands, often refered to as Holland, attracts many international entrepreneurs. The main reason for the country’s appeal is its economic climate. The Dutch open economy features international trade partners. Yet, businesses in the Netherlands are not affected by fluctuations of the international economy. The country is renowned for its above-average economic stability, sustaining its business community’s profitability and solvency.

Moreover, the Netherlands’ economy employs attractive tax schemes. An example is the famed 30% ruling. Both national and international entrepreneurs benefit from the tax schemes. Dutch tax rates are relatively low and competitive. In addition, the Netherlands align more than 100 countries through tax treaties. This results in a double taxation network to the welfare of business owners with international aspirations.


What kind of Dutch business?

It is crucial to determine what kind of business suits your aspirations best. If the focus is on the pursuit of profit, a limited liability company or BV probably is the best fit. A foundation, on the other hand, suits more social or ideal goals.


Set up a BV in the Netherlands


Most international entrepreneurs prefer a limited liability company or BV (‘Besloten Vennootschap’). Often, they aim to implement a Dutch BV in international structures. The Dutch BV thus functions as a royalty, holding or financial entity, enabling the BV to be run on an international scale.

The second benefit of a BV in the Netherlands is the legal restriction it offers. Private liability means that the Dutch corporate law considers a limited liability company as a legal person. Assets of the BV, therefore, can be subjected to claims. Assets of BV’s shareholders or directors, however, can only be claimed to the extent of their investment in the company.


Set up foundation in the Netherlands


When pursuing social or ideal significance, a foundation is a right choice. The most important difference with a BV is the absence of the focus on profit. Since profit is not a goal of a foundation, it neither has shares or equity to distribute among its founders. Hence, a foundation is characterized by the absence of shareholders and members. It does, however, features a board of director(s).


How to set up a business in the Netherlands?

Settling your foundation or BV in the Netherlands consists of various steps. Besides obtaining an address, bank account and Dutch tax number, you also need to register your business in the Chamber of Commerce or KvK (‘Kamer van Koophandel’), which requires a deed of incorporation (the Articles of Association, statement paid-in and issued share capital…).

CompanyNL offers you assistance in setting up your Dutch business. Our experienced and highly-qualified team enables you to settle in the Netherlands with ease and comfort.



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