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Company registration in Holland with CompanyNL

Would you like to set up a company registration in Holland? Search no longer, as CompanyNL is the partner you need for company registration in Holland. CompanyNL is a renowed firm, well-established in the Dutch market, with a large network of likewise businesses. We understand very well it can be a challenge for foreign companies to accomplish a company registration in Netherlands. We have therefore, made it our main goal to help and guide companies which would like to settle here. Our years of experience plus our great knowledge of Dutch law and Dutch Tax can only lead to one conclusion: a company registration in Holland with CompanyNL. Our advisors will enthusiastically guide you through the entire process and together we will meet all the requirements you need for a company registration in Holland with CompanyNL. Needless to say, we maintain high standards of quality at all times. 

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Company registration in Holland with CompanyNL

Like we all we all know how difficult it may be to do company registration in Holland for your new company, this is definitely not the case when you start your company registration in Holland with CompanyNL. This Dutch business can proudly say they have worldly renowed experience in how to execute company registration in Holland completely, from A to Z. They will advise you before you start and will then guide you every step of the way, so you can easily and comfortably set up shop. The experts at CompanyNL will take care of the registration process at the register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. They will, of course, also help you when it turns out that it may be necessary to have a separate registration with the Tax and Customs Administration. First and foremost, you have to decide if you wish to live in Netherlands permanently when you operate a company in Netherlands. If this is the case, the experts at CompanyNL will start the paperwork for application for a start-up visa or a permanent residency. When you decide to stay in your country of origin and you do not need a permanent concern in Netherlands, you can just register your incorporated business with Dutch Tax and the Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting requirements for company registration in Holland

CompanyNL’s next step is to search for the right name for your company registration in Holland. The name has to be one of kind, has to be suitable and cannot be found at other local business. Then CompanyNL helps you decide on which type of company you would like to open up and to get registered. When all those requirements are met, CompanyNL can then take steps, if necessary, to have the last formalities legalized.

Personal contact with company registration in Holland

CompanyNL assures you personal contact. During the process of company registration in Holland you are assured to have your own contact person, who is fully informed on your company registration in Holland. With our years of experience and knowledge of how to easily realise a company registration in Holland, you will find the whole procedure to be quick and pleasant. We can also act as a intermediary between Dutch advisors and companies abroad. Lastly, we will guard you being from taken advantage of, as we can offer assistance with screening new contracts. Give CompanyNL a call and find out what they can do for you!