Dutch BV Business in Netherland

Location of your business is an important factor which helps determining its success. The Netherlands is one such option which offers several benefits to the upcoming investors and entrepreneurs for setting up their new business. Foreign companies or entrepreneurs find it easy to own any business including a Dutch B.V. business in Netherlands as there are no special restrictions for foreign direct investment. However, before you start your business, it is necessary to be aware of and understand the different types of business taxes in Netherlands.

To be successful, you need to have an effective tax strategy that takes advantages of legal loop holes presented by the authorities. CompanyNL helps in complying with necessary obligations along with increasing profitability. There are several taxes in Netherlands.

Income tax

if you have a business or plan to open a Dutch BV business in Netherlands, you will need to pay tax on your income. You need to file annual tax return to declare your income. For this purpose, we provide expert advisors to assist you.

Payroll tax

if you employ personnel in your company, you have to deduct the payroll tax from their salaries. This includes wage tax and insurance contributions.

VAT Sales tax

this tax is levied on almost all the businesses, on every product or service they sell. You need to calculate and declare this tax amount every quarter and transfer the same to the tax office. CompanyNL offers highly skilled and pre-screened advisors who provide fast and confidential service.

Corporation tax

if you have set up a NV or BV company in the Netherlands, you are required to pay corporate tax on the profits earned. However, there are certain items of income which are exempt from tax and certain costs which are non-deductible.

It can be a challenge to take care of these aspects when starting a Dutch BV business in Netherlands. If you are not adequately aware or do not pay proper attention to the process, you can make mistakes and they might even land you up in legal troubles with the authorities. The tax experts of CompanyNL are there to help you at every stage by offering their services. We can also bring you up-to-date with the tax requirements and regulations and how to comply with them. In addition, we assist our clients in availing various tax and investment incentives. So, make sure to fix an appointment with us soon to put an end all your business troubles.