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Are you looking for a company to help you with setting up a Dutch company? Historically, the Netherlands has always been a trading country. As a result of many centuries of trading activity, the Netherlands has an open society. The Dutch population is used to living and working with people from various cultures, making the Netherlands a popular destination for many companies around the world. The Netherlands functions as a gateway into Europe thanks to its great infrastructure and central location. Are you acquainted with the many advantages of starting a Dutch company? Rotterdam’s harbor and Schiphol Airport are important international trade nodes. These nodes can help your company operate globally.

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Registering a Dutch company: the procedure

Need a Dutch company? Are you considering starting a Dutch company in the Netherlands, or opening a second branch? We will gladly assist you in mapping out the entire trajectory. In doing so, we will look at current competitors in our country, and work on your company’s name. We have different experts who can be of service in finding a fitting and captivating name for your company. A name you can build on in the Netherlands and which isn’t easily forgotten. Afterwards, we will look for a suitable location from which to run your company. The implications of being an entrepreneur in the Netherlands will be made completely transparent. What matters and documentation must you attend to in the Netherlands? We map out all one-off and returning costs, create estimations of lead times, sum up the most important areas of attention – such as legal forms, transfer pricing, sales tax and personnel – and can guide you toward interesting fiscal arrangements. We will guide you every step of the way!

Establish a Dutch company with Company NL

Would you like to know more about what we can do for your Dutch company in the Netherlands? We’re vested in Amsterdam and are ready to help any company. We don’t care about the size of the company. If you believe dreaming big is the first step toward success, you’re right. We will gladly dream with you and take responsibility for the realization phase in the Netherlands. We will have arranged everything by the time you arrive in the Netherlands. This saves you a lot of stress, allowing you to focus on your company. A company can be big if it generates a lot of profit for you. We believe it’s best to have an amazing business idea and a foundational business plan. We look forward to helping you!