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How to open a Dutch company?

Are you looking for more information on how to open a Dutch company? If you want to know how to settle your company in the Netherlands, you would no doubt like to do business with a professional and reliable company that helps you figure things out, meanwhile providing an excellent service at all times. Thanks to our broad experience, CompanyNL offers you its expert help and assistance when you want to expand your business to the Netherlands.
Over the years we have become a well-known player in our country and over the borders as well. CompanyNL connects consultants with international businesses that are planning to settle in the Netherlands. It can be quite difficult to open a business under Dutch law without any outside help, due to all applicable guidelines and regulations. CompanyNL’s experts are familiar with all Dutch guidelines for settlement in the Netherlands, so converting your business to conform to Dutch law will be no problem; it can be done with ease and comfort. At CompanyNL, we are ready to offer you our many years of experience with regard to opening a Dutch company.

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Setting up a Dutch Company with Company NL

CompanyNL offers you a personal contact with one fixed contact person during the settlement of your Dutch company in our country. We have ample experience in building bridges between Dutch consultants and companies from abroad; we want nothing more than to fully unburden you during the process of settling your company in the Netherlands and we do so at very competitive rates. The experts we work with are selected based on their relevant disciplines, language skills and locations, which makes us unique and able to offer our customers a high-quality service you will not find elsewhere.

Want to know more about establishing a Dutch Company?

If you choose to do business with us and let us help you set up your Dutch company, we will always aim to achieve the best results and prove to be a reliable partner. We are specialized in setting up Dutch companies, we are aware of the pitfalls and we know how to avoid these. With CompanyNL you can be assured that your business is set up legally and you can make a fresh start in the Netherlands, expanding your business internationally. You will not be faced with any surprises, since we plan and discuss everything with you beforehand. Are you wondering what we can do for your company? Feel free to contact CompanyNL without obligation. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about registering your Dutch company and we look forward to receiving your request.