Set up a Dutch Limited Liability Company

Are you planning to set up a Dutch company? CompanyNL enables you to settle your limited liability company in The Netherlands with ease an comfort.
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Dutch liability CompanySet up a Dutch Company

The Netherlands is renowned among tourists for its tulips, clogs, canals and windmills. International entrepreneurs, on the other hand, know the Netherlands for its exceedingly economic stability. Although the Dutch open economy is largely based on international trade partners, fluctuations caused by the international economy have no impact on the solvency or profitability of the Dutch business community. Also appealing to foreign entrepreneurs is the double taxation network the Netherlands established.

In addition, the country employs highly competitive tax schemes to the benefit of both national and international taxpayers. Among others are the Dividend Withholding Tax Exemption, 30% Ruling, and Participation Exemption Scheme.


Dutch Limited Liability Company

Most international entrepreneurs set up a Dutch Limited Liability Company or B.V. (‘Besloten Vennootschap’). Since this financing, holding or royalty entity can be implemented in international structures, it serves the benefit of internationally oriented business owners. The second advantage is the legal restriction the private liability entails. Under corporate law, the company is considered as a legal person. Hence, only assets of the Dutch liability company can be subjected to claims. The liability of the director(s) or shareholder(s) is reduced to the investments they made in the company.


The incorporation of a Dutch company consists of several steps, each with their own requirements. CompanyNL offers assistance throughout the whole process. The various steps to incorporate your company are summarised in the following list.

  1. Choose an appropriate name for your Dutch liability company;
  2. Nominate the shareholder(s) and appoint the amount of the share capital;
  3. Settle your business at an address;
  4. Register your limited liability company in the Chamber of Commerce. CompanyNL provides you with a highly qualified Dutch public notary to help with the registration and composition of the required deed of incorporation. This deed includes
    1. the Article of Association;
    2. a statement of the issued and paid-in share capital;
    3. the name, address of the company and details of its founders or all the members of the board of directors;
    4. an authority description for each of the managings directors;
  5. (To the extent it is needed) open a Dutch bank account and acquire Dutch tax numbers.


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