Hendrik-Jan van Duijn

In 2012 Hendrik started DTS as a tax adviser in Amsterdam. DTS specializes in Dutch tax advice and provides compliance to Dutch companies. With over 10 years of experience, Hendrik has a proven track record of delivering results when it comes to Dutch corporate income tax and Dutch dividend withholding tax advice. In 1998 Hendrik received his Bachelor degree in accounting. Therefore, at the age of 23, he was one of the youngest fully certified auditors in the Netherlands. In 2001 Hendrik received his Master degree in Dutch direct taxation at the University of Leiden. As from 2002, Hendrik is a member of the Dutch association of tax advisors in Amsterdam.

Duijn Tax Solutions (DTS)

DTS specializes in Dutch tax advice and provides compliance to Dutch companies. In order to incorporate a company in the Netherlands, it needs to comply with various Dutch compliance obligations. Depending on the type of company you would like to set-up, specific tax rules apply. Therefore, we assist our clients with straightforward fee quotes. Below you will find an overview of the most common compliance items which need to be met for an active trading Dutch Limited Liability Company (Dutch BV).

Operating your company

Setting-up a BV is free of capital tax. However, after a BV is set-up:

  • When hiring an employee, you need to pay wage withholding tax and file the statements on a monthly basis;
  • If your company is a VAT entrepreneur, you need to file VAT returns and meet compliance.
    Typically, on a quarterly basis;
  • Per tax book year, you need to file and prepare a Dutch corporate income tax return;
  • You need to prepare the annual accounts of your Dutch BV  in line with Dutch accounting standards;
  • Moreover, those annual accounts need to be approved by a shareholders meeting and filed at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  • If you distribute dividends, you need to file a dividend withholding tax return. Depending on the type of shareholder and percentage of shareholding, you may also need to file a Dutch personal income tax for the recipient of the dividend.

We provide corporate compliance and can assist with keeping your company in good standing. Feel free to contact us.