How to open a company in Netherlands?

How to open a company in Netherlands with CompanyNL!

As many of the satisfied clients worldwide can tell you, CompanyNL is thé partner when you are wondering about how to open a company in Netherlands. Over the years CompanyNL has built up a lot of experience on how to open a company in Netherlands, tackling all governmental, legal and notary requirements and face any challenges that may occur. The Dutch based office has proven that with their help and expertise, a business entrepreneur like you can easily and comfortably settle in Netherlands. Their advisors will guide you every step of the way during the whole process. And as they busy themselves with taking care of the mandatory paperwork, you can focus on your new business. Most of the new companies in Netherlands choose the bv company type. Of the various types of businesses in Netherlands, the bv company is a private limited liability model and therefore, most suitable. A nice benefit is the fact that the owner of a bv company is not required to be a permanent resident of Netherlands. Of course, if you would need permanent residency of Netherlands, because you are not a European citizen, CompanyNL can start the process of getting you a permanent residency or a start-up visa.

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Experienced CompanyNL on how to open a company in Netherlands

An important task at CompanyNL, is to preserve personal relationships with their clients and in order to do so, each and every client has their own contact person. The contact person is fully up to date with the process constantly. Once you have decided which type of business model you are going to use, the contact person will start up all necessary paperwork the Dutch government requires. Formation of your company has to be done, followed by the registration at the Dutch Tax and the Chamber of Commerce. CompanyNL brings experience in practice on how to open a company in Netherlands and also brings along great contacts with the local authorities. As a result of that, signing papers, loans, deciding on liability and getting permits will be dealt with smoothly. CompanyNL also acts like an intermediary between Dutch advisors and foreign companies.

How to open a company in Netherlands easy and quick

As you can see, CompanyNL makes sure if you get them on board as partner in opening a company in Netherlands, and you would also like to do this easy and quick, the complete process will be safe and secure in their hands.