Open a company in Holland

Open a company in Holland

Are you looking for an experienced business who can offer its help when you want to open a company in Holland? CompanyNL has extensive experience in setting up companies in Holland so look no further, you have definitely come to the right place. Being a reliable partner, CompanyNL offers the required knowledge, experience and skills to open a company in Holland.
CompanyNL intends to establish partnerships between dedicated experts (e.g. specialized Dutch notaries) and international companies like yours who want to settle their company in Holland. We know that it is complicated to start up your business under Dutch law here and that is why CompanyNL offers its help.

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CompanyNL; open a company in Holland

Are you a successful business operator and looking for expanding your foreign business abroad to Netherlands? CompanyNL is the right advising party for you. With their years of experience and wide knowledge on how to open a company in Holland, the advisors of CompanyNL will make it easy for you to establish your business quickly and comfortably. They will guide you in all steps of the process and will make sure all requirements will be met. Most of the business people who would like to open a company in Holland, choose for the BV construction, a private limited liability company. It is a very efficient form of doing business in Netherlands, as it does not require the owner to be a Dutch resident. However, if you would need to be a permanent resident of Netherlands, because you wish so or if your other type of business model requires you to, CompanyNL can start the process of getting you permanent residency or a start-up visa.

CompanyNL has the experience to open a company in Holland

One of CompanyNL’s main focusses is to maintain a personal relationship with their clients. Therefore, every client has their own contact person, who is constantly and fully up to date with the process. Once you have decided on your type of business, the contact person will start up all necessary paperwork the Dutch government requires. Of course, this includes also paperwork for legal matters and for notary requirements. Formation of your company has to be done, followed by the registration at the Dutch Tax and the Chamber of Commerce. As CompanyNL brings along not only experience on how to open a company in Holland, but also long and good contacts with the local authorities, signing papers, loans, deciding on liability and getting permits will happen easily and smoothly.

Open a company in Holland fast and easy

It would be a smart decision to get CompanyNL involved if you would like to open a company in Holland. The professionals of CompanyNL will get all the mandatory work and paperwork done, while in the mean time you do not have to worry and can stay focused on the company operations. You can open a company in Holland and be registered as fast as within two weeks, providing you can visit Holland for the procedures. Why don’t you give the advisors at CompanyNL a call? Before you know it, you can open, own and operate a company in Netherlands!