Open a company in Holland

Open a company in Holland

Are you looking for an experienced business who can offer its help when you want to open a company in Holland? CompanyNL has extensive experience in setting up companies in Holland so look no further, you have definitely come to the right place. Being a reliable partner, CompanyNL offers the required knowledge, experience and skills to open a company in Holland.
CompanyNL intends to establish partnerships between dedicated experts (e.g. specialized Dutch notaries) and international companies like yours who want to settle their company in Holland. We know that it is complicated to start up your business under Dutch law here and that is why CompanyNL offers its help.

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CompanyNL; open a company in Holland

Do you want to open a company in Holland? Do you consider to open a company in Holland, but you do not know where to begin or which partner to choose to help you? You have reached the right place, as CompanyNL is an experienced financial advisor with great knowledge about how to open a company in Holland! To open a company in Holland might seem a complex matter, but it can be done easily and quickly with our assistance. We advise you every step of the way on how to open a company in Holland and also get your company registered. To stay fully informed, we make it a company key point to participate in several professional networks. The networks consists of tax advisors, banking partners, accountants, notaries and translators. Within the networks we are able to connect partners and instigate partnerships between Dutch advisors and international businesses.

Open a company in Holland and get it registered

The most used business form in Holland is the Dutch BV, which can be compared to a limited liability company or a German GmbH. Of course, there is a procedure to follow on how to open a Dutch BV. You start by choosing a unique and appropriate name for your company and get an address for it. A Dutch BV has shareholders, so the next step is choosing your shareholders and the amount of the share capital. The shares cannot be given out freely, so you will need to get a notary involved. The last part of the procedure to open a company in Holland is to get your company registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and to open up a Dutch bank account, acquiring Dutch tax numbers, which will be issued by the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst). You may need to register for Tax and Customs registration and sometimes a registration fee is asked.

Open a company in Holland and live here

CompanyNL helps you with all the paperwork and arranges the necessary connections. In case you would not only open a company in Holland but would also like to start living here, we will help you to obtain a residence permit or a start-up visa. Because we highly value a personal approach, our offices ensures you will always have your own contact person, who is fully up to date with your file and can work fast. Please feel free to fill in the form on our website. We are more than happy to inform you further!