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Having a well-established Dutch company and completing all its registrations and licensing could be a tedious task for many people. At CompanyNL, we always try to offer the most reliable and trust-worthy one-stop solutions for meeting your various Dutch business needs.

Our team of experts can help you to start up your own Dutch company in Netherlands, by incorporating all the essentials and requirements of running a legal business within the country and trading globally.

We, at CompanyNL, assist you in opening your dream business and company in the Netherlands without requiring you to come over to the Netherlands that often. If you are too busy with your business schedule and don’t wish to travel to this part of the globe, then just send in a couple of documents along with a legalised copy of your passport, and proof of your residential address and we will take care of all the pitfalls related to opening a company in Holland.

Our range of services in setting up any business:

We always try to be as transparent as possible, so we can help you to set up your business right and operate it efficiently without any hiccups. Starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreign person or company is not that difficult, as you simply need to proceed legally and efficiently.

If you think that you need to partner up with someone who can handle all the complexities and confusion related to regulations, liabilities, legal matters, documentation and paperwork, then we are here to help. We are pioneers in offering the following services with utmost transparency and reliable support when starting a company in Holland:

Services Overview

Opening company in Holland

Corporate Secretarial Services

A company needs to deal with a variety of law and regulation, both nationally and globally. Therefore, our services could ensure that your company will be legal-in-control. In particular, our Corporate Secretarial Services assist clients with the foundation of legal entities. Furthermore, we assist in managing and diminishing…

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Dutch Business

Tax Compliance and Accounting

CompanyNL will also assist in completing the legal formalities in getting your license, as well as registering your company. The incorporation process can be a tough one, but with CompanyNL by your side, you can have your Dutch company incorporated within a few days,…

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Register Company in Holland

Incorporating a company in the Netherlands

When you decide to set up a Dutch company, the first obligation is to register your company. However, there is a lot more to the Registration process than mere paperwork. If you are a new entrepreneur looking to set up business in the Netherlands, you will first have to comply with the regulations to register…

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Dutch Company in Netherlands

Set up a Foundation in The Netherlands

Typically a foundation differs from a Limited Liability Company, because its focus cannot be the pursuit of profit. In addition, it has no shares and cannot distribute its equity to its founders. Moreover, it focuses on social or ideal goals and it is possible to incorporate it within a day, if necessary…

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Dutch Company in Netherlands

Open a Dutch bank account

Your Dutch company will probably need one or more bank accounts. In a world dominated by compliance rules, it is not always easy to open one. It helps if you know whom to turn to.

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