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CompanyNL understands that establishing a new company is not a cake walk. It takes a lot of planning and contemplation before you can come up with a company of your own. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about setting up a business is the location. Netherlands has emerged as one of the ideal places for most of the entrepreneurs considering the stable economy and welcoming approach of the Dutch people.

Once you have decided to open a company in Netherlands, the next question is the type of company you wish to establish. If you would like to establish a private limited i.e. BV Company in Netherlands, you can seek help from the local agencies that can help in setting up your business. Firms such as Company NL, help foreign businesses to expand their foot in the local market. Our experts not only guide and counsel you but also offer support at every crucial step for setting your business right. Whether it is the registration process or finding a good office, hiring skilful staff or understanding tax structure, they are there to help. They also enable you to get required permits for opening your BV Company in the Netherlands.

The first step towards opening BV Company in Netherlands is to check the availability of the trade name. If there is a company with similar name, it can cause trouble to you. Thus, investigate in advance to avoid any trouble. The next thing is to draft the deed of incorporation.

It will be done by the civil-law notary. The deed includes articles of association and the content of AOA should be considered carefully. You can seek advice from a lawyer for the same. The deed of corporation has to be signed by an authorized representative acting on their behalf and by the civil-law notary.

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The next thing to be done is paying the minimum start-up capital which is 1 eurocent. Once, that is done, it is time to register the BV. The company needs to be registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Before registration, BV can engage in trade. Until it has been listed, it will be considered a BV in formation. Once the registration has been done, BV will be liable.

If you have established the BV with one or more shareholders then it is advisable to make mutual agreements and establish them in a shareholder’s agreement.

If you are looking forward to establish your BV Company in the Netherlands, CompanyNL is your one-stop-destination for all counseling needs.