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Chamber of Commerce Extract

Would you also like to gain more insights into the data of a registered company in the Netherlands? We offer you the possibility to get an overview of the registered data of a company in the Netherlands. This enables you to obtain more information about the legal person, company and/or subsidiary.
In the case of a partnership, you can use a Chamber of Commerce (CoC) extract to verify that your company is registered in the CoC Register. This also includes being able to gain more insight into your (potential) business partner, and to find out who in that entity is authorized to sign a contract. But it may also be of importance to show your clients that you are registered at the CoC Register.

What can I find on the Chamber of Commerce Extract?

The CoC extract states, among other things, the following:

  • CoC number
  • Incorporation date
  • Name and address details
  • The legal entity
  • Information about the company and its activities
  • Information on establishment(s), if any
  • Information about any directors and shareholders
  • Clarity on whether or not you wish to receive mail or door sales

How up-to-date is the Chamber of Commerce extract?

The CoC extracts offered show the details of the company at the specific time of request.

Types of extracts we provide.

We offer CoC extracts both in digital form and on hard copy.

How and when will I receive extract of the Chamber of Commerce Register?

This depends on the type of extract you have ordered. The extract of the CoC Register will immediately appear in PDF form as soon as your order has been received by us. The paper extract will be posted two days after ordering if ordered before 3 PM Dutch time.

Credit card payment

We offer the possibility of paying for the CoC extract by credit card, for €49.50. This way you do not need to make an account on the Chamber of Commerce website and you do not need a Dutch bank account to pay with Ideal. Please fill in the form below, so we will know which company you would like to receive the extract from.

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