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Are you looking to register a Dutch company? Naturally, the fact that you have found us is no coincidence. If you’re looking for a reliable company to register a Dutch company, you have come to the right place at Company NL. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to register your company in the Netherlands, there’s a good chance you’ve done your research and already know which company forms exist in the Netherlands. If you do not know exactly what the different forms entail, we will gladly inform you during a personal meeting. It is good to talk about this in advance of registering a Dutch company. Would you like to know more about the potential company forms in the Netherlands? Contact us for a non-binding consultation and we will gladly inform you of the options.

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Registering a Dutch company: the procedure

Need to register a Dutch company? Are you ready for a new challenge and would you like the process to run smoothly? Rise to the challenge with us! We will offer the support and guidance you are looking for and ensure you can effortlessly start your company. We offer fast and personal contact, wherein you always deal with the same contact person. This contact person is completely up to date with your situation and will diligently inform you of any progress made. We build bridges between Dutch advisers and international companies. This means we will bring you into contact with the various companies you will be dealing with in the Netherlands. As such, you don’t need to look for companies. That’s what we’re for! Have you found a company you would like to get in touch with? Let us know, and we will set things up here in the Netherlands. We can unburden you completely. Would you like to know more about our services? Contact us for a non-binding consultation about register a Dutch company.

Dutch company register with Company NL

We endeavor to foster cooperation between highly dedicated and specialized Dutch notaries and international companies that want to start a company in the Netherlands. We know how difficult it can be for international companies to set up a business in adherence with Dutch law. Although you don’t know the regulations and laws, you will have to deal with them. This is why we have made things easier for you. We have selected Dutch advisers based on their specialties, location and language skills. Curious what we can do for you? Contact us for a non-binding consultation.