Register Company in Amsterdam

Setting up a new business can be difficult especially when you plan to do it in a foreign land. There are several aspects of this process that might differ from your parent country which you may not be aware of. So, having the right advice at each and every step of the process becomes crucial. Amsterdam is one such place which is most popular among and very generous to entrepreneurs, even foreigners, to pursue their business ambitions. There is a lot more to the whole registration process than mere paperwork. We at CompanyNL help you to register company in Amsterdam without any hassle.

We follow the below mentioned procedure to assist you in getting your company registered:

  • If you are a foreigner who wishes to start a business and register a company in Amsterdam, then you only need to register your incorporated company with the Dutch Tax and Chamber of Commerce.
  • The next thing is to decide a unique and appropriate name for your company to get the company registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • After finalizing the name, the legal structure of the company like sole proprietorship, private partnership, private limited, public limited etc. should be selected.
  • These days online support has also been provided for the registration process. You can fill an online form submitting your personal details, business contact details, company description etc.
  • Typically, Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is the venue for registration. However, under various circumstances, you may also require separate registration with the Tax and Custom Administration.

The registration process can be simplified with the help of the experts in this field. CompanyNL is a renowned establishment which helps you to register company in Amsterdam. We take care of each and every step, from finding a space for your establishment to filling all the forms for registration. We also provide assistance in your legal formalities with the help of our experienced lawyers so that you are not taken advantage of.

Apart from these activities, CompanyNL also assists you with various corporate secretarial services, tax and accounting compliance. So, if you are looking for an experienced guide who can help you with the smooth registration process, contact CompanyNL at the earliest.