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If you are an entrepreneur trying to register a company in Holland, then chances are you have already done your research and are aware of this fact that there are various forms of businesses in Netherlands. A foundation is one such entity. It is defined by law as a legal person created by a legal act which has no members and whose purpose is to realize an objective stated in its statutes using capital allocated to such purpose. A foundation differs from a limited liability company because its focus is not the profits. Also, a foundation has no shares and cannot distribute its equity to the founders.

For forming a foundation, a deed of incorporation is required and for that you require the services of Dutch public notary. CompanyNL provides assistance in this process. The deed should contain the information about the name of the foundation, its founders and its purpose. After this, you should register your company in Holland with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. There are several features of a Dutch foundation, one should be aware of.

We follow the below mentioned procedure to assist you in getting your company registered:

  • There are no minimum share capital requirements for creating a foundation in the Netherlands.
  • Since there are no shareholders, it cannot have shares either. Therefore, it cannot distribute the profits.
  • Just by creating a single foundation, it can be utilized for several purposes.
  • Foundation can be set up by not just an individual, but even other companies, including BV companies.
  • A Dutch foundation can have a board of directors, but the board cannot be made of members who also work at the foundation.
  • Foundations can hold shares in other Dutch companies, therefore it can act as shareholders in other business entities.

There can be several different types of foundations namely, voting trust foundation, family foundation, charitable foundation etc. However, the goals and applications of these foundation might differ. Usually a foundation is set up focusing on social or ideal goals. It can also be set-up for the purpose of holding certain assets for the risk and account of third parties, without the issuance of depository receipts.

It is even possible to register a company in Holland as a foundation within a day. If you would like to compare a trust or a foundation and would like to know about the different tax benefits it offer, contact our customer care representatives who can help you in setting up your business with great ease and perfection.

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