Setting up a company in Holland

Setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL

If you look to setting up a company in Holland, stop searching any further: for businesses abroad CompanyNL is the right partner to answer all your questions regarding establishing a company here. For foreign companies it can be hard to set up a company in Netherlands, we are fully aware of that. Plus, there is no doubt you are looking for a reliable, professional company, with a high standard of service at all times to help you setting up a company. CompanyNL is ready to help you open up your new business and face any challenges, as we know our way in Dutch law, Dutch Tax and recording your registration at the Chamber of Commerce. We have years of experience in setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL for business like yours and therefore, our experts can easily guide and help you during the entire process to meet all the requirements a foreign company has to meet.

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Years of experience with setting up a company in Holland

Are you operating a successful business abroad and interested into setting up a company in Holland? CompanyNL will prove itself to be the right partner for you to help you realise your idea, from start to finish. As a professional advisor, CompanyNL will guide you easily through all the necessary steps and requirements for setting up a company in Holland. You will soon find out running a company in Holland will be a comfortable experience. There are several types of Dutch companies, so which type of company has to be determined first. Together with the experts at CompanyNL you decide whether to open a private company as a self-employed individual, engage in private partnerships, limited partnerships or set up a private limited company. This all may sound complicated to you, but once CompanyNL has determined your business views, they will set up shop quickly and help you register, so you can start operating fast. What will be important is that if you are setting up a company in Holland and operating it, you do not have to be a permant citizen of Holland. CompanyNL will help you to arrange the remote incorporation and compliance, so the need to travel back and forth is significantly minimized.

Setting up a company in Holland with the right requirements

CompanyNL can rely on years of experience in the field of setting up a company in Holland. They state it is of the utmost importance to have them as professionals in your team, as with the experience also come the long lasting relationships they have with the local authorities. The process of obtaining the necessary requirements for setting up a company in Holland like approvals and documentation will be a smooth sailing. CompanyNL can also help you with a permanent or temporary residence permit, if it so happens that you are not a European citizen. CompanyNL also helps you with all notary paperwork, registration of your new company, making sure all taxation requirements are in order and other necessary procedures to be followed.

Setting up a company in Holland with own contactperson

CompanyNL is proud to say they operate quickly and efficiently, but this does not affect the personal relationships with our clients. You will always have your own contact person to talk to. In our years of experience, we are able to not only successfully open many new companies in Holland, but we can also act as a bridge between Dutch advisors and foreign companies.