Setting up a company in Holland

Setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL

If you look to setting up a company in Holland, stop searching any further: for businesses abroad CompanyNL is the right partner to answer all your questions regarding establishing a company here. For foreign companies it can be hard to set up a company in Netherlands, we are fully aware of that. Plus, there is no doubt you are looking for a reliable, professional company, with a high standard of service at all times to help you setting up a company. CompanyNL is ready to help you open up your new business and face any challenges, as we know our way in Dutch law, Dutch Tax and recording your registration at the Chamber of Commerce. We have years of experience in setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL for business like yours and therefore, our experts can easily guide and help you during the entire process to meet all the requirements a foreign company has to meet.

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Years of experience with setting up a company in Holland

Our trusted consultants are well trained and experienced to help you expand your business and setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL. With their help, assistance and contacts with the local authorities, settling and opening your new company does not require you to be actually here in Netherlands. Our advisors can sign all papers for loans and permits. Of course, a dedicated member of our team is a fixed advisor on setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL. As a well-known company in Netherlands, CompanyNL can easily connect your new company to other Dutch businesses. Our DNA consists of building bridges for partnerships between professional Dutch and international companies like yours.

Want to know more about setting up a company in Holland?

In spite of our high level of service and expertise, we certainly meet competitive rates. If you choose setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL, you have found yourself a reliable partner, who always aims to achieve the best results. Your company will be set up legally and you won’t encounter any surprises, as we will discuss every step of the process with you beforehand. We know how to avoid the pitfalls in Netherlands, so there will be no delays in opening your business. Are you interested after this brief introduction? Please feel free to contact us at CompanyNL. Our team of advisors will be more than happy to inform you. We look forward to receiving your request about setting up a company in Holland with CompanyNL.