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Singapore is considered the hub for doing business in Asia and Australia. Moreover, ASEAN is a group of 10 countries in South East Asia of which Singapore is a founding member. Together, these countries make up the fastest growing market in the world. The region has 625 million inhabitants, more than the European Union or the United States. So, this can be an ideal new market for your business or product.

Set up a company in Singapore

Are you looking for an Asian or ASEAN headquarters for your business? Because of logistical reasons, the absence of corruption and ease of doing business, Singapore is often considered the best hub for South East Asia. Also many business professionals in Singapore speak both English and Chinese. We can help you set up and maintain your Singapore company. This company can help you doing business in Singapore, but also throughout the ASEAN region.

Ease of doing business

English is an official language of Singapore. All our trusted service providers speak English. With a Singapore company, you can do business in Singapore and benefits from Singapore’s attractive tax rates and tax treaty network. Singapore is also a logistical hub for the ASEAN region and Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, there are great direct connections to the Middle East, Europe and even the US. Malaysia, with its 33 milion workforce, is just an hour away. The huge markets of Indonesia and the Philippines are all reachable by short regional flights.

Tax benefits

Singapore has one of the most competitive tax climates in the world. Our tax expert would be happy to explain how a Singapore company can save your business substantial amounts in taxes.

Quality of life

Singapore ranks high in quality of life lists. It is a safe and well-regulated country. Businesses have access to an independent legal system. Education and health care are top quality.

How can we help?

CompanyNL Singapore works closely together with pre-screened professionals in Singapore, who can set up and manage a Singapore company for your business. This way you can access the ASEAN market and benefit from the Singapore tax and business climate. Please get in touch for more information.

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