Start a company in Holland

Start a company in Holland

Are you looking for a reliable company to help you start a company in Holland? Do you currently have a branch in another country, and would you like to set up a new branch in the Netherlands? Or do you not yet have a company, and would you like to start a company in the Netherlands? In either case, you have come to the right address to start a company in Holland. We will rise to the challenge of making your company into a success. You won’t get there with just an idea – we will gladly help you with all additional matters, so that you will know exactly where you stand when you come to the Netherlands. We know all that is involved in arriving in the Netherlands as a newcomer and integrating your company. You may feel somewhat lost when arriving in the Netherlands. We want to prevent this from happening. We make sure that everything is properly arranged before your company gets up and running. We set up new companies in the Netherlands daily and know exactly what we need to take care of for you.

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Start a company in Holland with Company NL

Are you looking for start a company in Holland? Everybody knows there is a lot involved in setting up your own company. But a professional company that is at home in the country and can help you at a distance simplifies things. Start a company in Holland offers these services. We operate throughout the country and make sure that all primary and ancillary matters are properly organized. Did you know there are various types of Dutch companies? There are one-man businesses, general partnerships (vennootschap onder firma), limited partnerships (commanditaire vennootschap) or private companies (besloten vennootschap). We will gladly update you concerning these different company forms during a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing what kind of company you would like to start. Once we know this, we will get to work on your company!

Start a company in Holland with all the necessary documents

To realize the start of your company in Holland, you will have to meet the legal requirements. You must complete your company information and register with the Dutch Tax Authority (Belastingdienst). How to approach this? We will provide expert advice and make sure all the preparatory work has been done for you. The signing of papers for loans, the determining of liability and the acquiring of licences for important documents are all matters that need to be arranged. We have contacts with the relevant local authorities, so that you don’t need to struggle and the setting up of your company can take place free from any problems.