What is an RSIN/TAX ID?

What is an RSIN number?
The RSIN number (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Identificatie Nummer in Dutch) is an identification number for legal entities and partnerships. It is the business equivalent of the Citizen Service Number (or BSN), and is used to link data between basic Dutch government registrations.

If your business is liable for VAT, you will receive a VAT number. The RSIN number makes up a third of this number.

Legal entity or partnership
If your legal structure is a partnership, you receive your RSIN number upon registration with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. You won’t have to register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) separately.

If you are a legal entity, your RSIN number will also be automatically generated, but you will have to register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration separately.

If you are a sole proprietor, your citizen service number (BSN) will serve the same purpose as the RSIN number. This has to do with the fact that as a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for all matters concerning your business (debts, assets etc.).

General overview
Most EU countries use Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) to identify taxpayers and facilitate the administration of their national tax affairs. TINs are also useful for identifying taxpayers who invest in other EU countries and are more reliable than other identifiers such as name and address.

Financial institutions have to record the name and address of their account holders and if there is one, the Tax Identification Number allocated by the EU country of residence for tax purposes. They must report the TIN, together with other personal and income details every year to the tax authorities of the country where they are established as part of their obligations under the Savings Directive.

TIN specifications (structure, syntax, etc.) are set by the national authorities. Some countries even have a different TIN structure for different categories of individuals (e.g. nationals and foreign residents).

European TIN Portal
In order to facilitate the work of all stakeholders, the European Commission has launched a cooperative project whereby information about TINs for natural persons that the Member States choose to publish is available on one single web page :

Please note that the information available is only on the TIN for natural persons. Member States may use other formats as Tax Identification Numbers for legal entities, which are not described and cannot be validated by the TIN portal.

Tin by country
General information about TINs by country (when the Member State’s tax administration has chosen to publish this information): descriptions of the structure and specificities of the national TIN, examples of official documents showing the TINs, national websites, and contact points.

Please use the link below to download the TINS by country sheet (EU countries).


Non-EU countries have different TIN numbers. The TIN number for your company should not be hard to find. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.


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