Why set up in the Netherlands?

Setting up your business is a big step. Especially, when you are planning to set up your business in a country which is not your own. A country with different rules and legislation. We are happy to help you out and brainstorm about the options and advantages of setting up your Dutch business in the Netherlands.

Reasons to consider the Netherlands and open a Dutch BV (Company with Limited Liability)

  • Strong infrastructure, excellent roads, water ways and rail network extending into all of Europe
  • Rotterdam Harbor and all its facilities
  • Schiphol Airport
  • Great import and export possibilities and facilities
  • Tax advantages, corporate tax of 15%
  • Multilingual & Multicultural
  • The director or shareholder does not need to be a Dutch national
  • The director or shareholder does not need to be a Dutch resident

The Netherlands has emerged as a major player in the arena of world business and politics, and has a growing and healthy economy.

Dutch Company in Netherlands

Having a strong services sector and excellent industries, the country enables foreign parties to set up its own Dutch BV, in various businesses across diversified sectors, such as agri-food, life sciences, technology, the chemical industry, electronics, water, technology, engineering, and much more.

The country, its laws, and regulations offer ample space to local and foreign businesses, and provide an environment to make progress towards international trade, efficient export, innovation, asset protection and collaborations.

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